China Machine Tool Industry Association delegation visited Brazil and Argentina

At the invitation of the Brazilian Machinery Manufacturers Association (ABIMAQ) and the Argentine Machine Tool Association (CARMAHE), on October 25, 2009, Wang Liming executive vice president led the team, and the China Machine Tool Industry Association delegation visited the Brazilian machinery manufacturer. Association (ABIMAQ), Brazilian Machine Tool Association (CSMF), Brazilian Machinery Importers Association (ABIMEI), Brazil AM3 Exhibition Co., Ltd., Brazil Asia Business Center, Argentina Machine Tool Association (CARMAHE) and Argentina's three companies Information exchange meeting of the main members of the Standing Council of the Argentine Machine Tool Association.
During the visit, the two sides exchanged the latest developments in the machine tool industry in the region, especially the impact and development status of the machine tool industry since the global financial crisis.
1. Introduction to Brazil's manufacturing situation Brazil is the largest country in South America and a country with rapid economic development. Its economic strength is the first in Latin America. The purpose of the Brazilian Machinery Manufacturers Association is to promote the development of the domestic machinery industry, open up domestic and foreign markets, expand international trade, industry production, business, membership and financial management. The association has offices in nine major cities across the country, with members focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises, accounting for more than 60% of all members. According to the Brazilian Machine Tool Association, most of the companies engaged in machine tool manufacturing are concentrated in São Paulo. 60% of Brazil's machine tools are imported and 40% are produced locally. Affected by the financial crisis, production in January-May 2009 fell by 56.6% year-on-year, and began to rise slightly from June. The main users of the Brazilian machine tool industry are wind power, auto parts, offshore oil production equipment, ship spare parts and various general machinery repair and spare parts industries. The 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games will be held in Brazil, which is bound to bring new opportunities for the development of the Brazilian economy.
The Brazilian Machinery Importers Association (ABIMEI) cooperates with Brazil AM3 Exhibition Co., Ltd. to hold the Brazil International Industrial Machinery and Equipment Technology Exhibition (TECHMEI) in March of two years. The exhibition area is 30,000 m2. They welcome the China Machine Tool Industry Association to The exhibition visited, inspected and set up an information platform at the exhibition, and warmly invited Chinese machine tool manufacturers to participate in the exhibition. I hope to use this platform to introduce China's machine tool industry, publicize machine tool manufacturing enterprises, and let the Brazilian users understand Chinese products and use Chinese products.
Reed Exhibitions, with the support of the Brazilian Machine Tool Association, holds an international trade fair for machine tools and manufacturing technology every May. The current management rights of the exhibition have been sold to Reed Exhibitions, and members of the association can enjoy preferential treatment. According to reports, this exhibition is relatively prosperous, with a tight area and a strong popularity, but because the association is conservative, it does not welcome foreign products. The Brazilian machine tool industry itself is not strong, accounting for only 3.6% of the total output value of the machinery industry.
2. Introduction to the Argentine Machine Tool Industry Argentina is the second largest country in Latin America, second only to Brazil. The last president of the Argentine Machine Tool Association and the current executive president participated in the CIMT2009 China International Machine Tool Exhibition held in Beijing by the China Machine Tool Industry Association in 2009. They highly praised the rapid development of China's machine tool industry and CIMT exhibition. .
The Argentine machine tool market is 70% dependent on imports, and metal processing machines and injection molding machines consume about $380 million a year, of which local products only account for $100 million. The main products are forging equipment such as presses. After the financial crisis, the government has also taken some measures. For example, from December of this year to December next year, the import of machine tools is zero, and may be adjusted in the future. In order to expand exports and encourage the localization of enterprise products, where the localization of product parts and components reaches more than 60%, the import and export tariffs can be exempted from each other within La League.
40% of the members of the Argentine Machine Tool Association are manufacturing companies, 60% of which are importers, of which about 40 to 45 are metal cutting machine tools and forging machine manufacturers. Through the association, strengthen the internal and external contacts between members and expand the common development of trade. The Association holds an international machine tool exhibition in September of each year. The exhibition covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters, with about 40,000 visitors and more than 300 exhibitors. It is one of the major professional exhibitions in Latin America. During the exhibition, all foreign exhibits are exempt from import duties.
The president of the Argentine Machine Tool Association warmly invited the China Machine Tool Industry Association and China's machine tool enterprises to participate in next year's exhibition to strengthen contacts and enhance understanding. At the request of the Argentine Machine Tool Association, Wang Liming’s executive vice president left a message “Strengthening contact, communicating information, expanding trade, and common development”.
3. In order to develop the machine tool market in Latin America, the factory visited and visited three factories (GOETTERT, KAESER, Festo Argentina FESTO) accompanied by the Argentine Machine Tool Association executive chairman. Learn about the demand for machine tool products in Latin America. The specific inspections of the three factories can be viewed on the website of the China Machine Tool Industry Association.
Through this visit, we have communicated the relationship between our association and industry associations such as Brazil and Argentina, and deepened mutual understanding.

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