Miao Qiao applied wheat bran

Increasing the application of wax fertilizer during the wintering period of wheat can not only supplement the deficiency of base fertilizer and seedling fertilizer, consolidate and increase the tillering before winter, promote root development, achieve the purpose of root health and strong wintering, and maintain and stabilize the soil temperature of wheat roots. Through the slow decomposition of fertilizer in winter, it is absorbed by the roots, accumulating and storing a large amount of nutrients, laying a foundation for the spring growth of wheat.

The fertilizer is mainly rich in organic matter and warm with fertilizers, such as soil fertilizer, compost, manure, river mud, Chen wall soil, human and animal manure, and other effective and long-lasting organic fertilizers. Generally, the application of the wax fertilizer is from mid-late December to mid-January, and the earlier the application in the fertilization period, the better.

The application of wheat wax fertilizer should be carried out according to the seedling system. For weak seedlings with late sowing, poor soil fertility and insufficient base fertilizer, it is necessary to apply sufficient fertilizer to the quick-acting fertilizer, and apply 2000 kg per kg of fermented pigs or 20 to 25 kg of ammonium bicarbonate, or after each rain and snow. Apply 10 kg of urea to the acre to promote tillering. Phosphorus-deficient potassium-deficient wheat field with yellowing of the lower part of the leaves of the wheat seedlings, redness of the tip of the leaves, chlorosis or even necrosis of the old leaf tips, and weak stems, 25 kg of superphosphate, 5-6 kg of potassium chloride or ash 100 to 150 kg. The ash can absorb heat and prevent wheat from being frozen. The wheat field with good base, good soil fertility, early sowing and long growing conditions should control the amount of wax fertilizer, mainly organic fertilizer such as river mud, less or no chemical fertilizer, and take measures such as suppression to control the growth and control. To improve the wintering environment of wheat. For the strong seedling wheat field with early sowing, base fertilizer and good sensation, the amount of fertilized fertilizer can be applied in an appropriate amount, mainly based on organic fertilizer, combined with the suppression of 1,250 kg of manure per acre of manure to supplement the nutrients needed for the growth of wheat seedlings.
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