How to rationally arrange a pedicure store? Foot treatment store layout planning and design

Nowadays, people have more and more demand for pedicure. Therefore, there are more pedicure stores in the city. Whether the layout of pedicure stores is reasonable or not is very good for business. Therefore, the layout of pedicure stores has become a problem for shop owners. So how is the pedicure store reasonably laid out? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you the layout planning design of the pedicure shop, hoping to provide help for everyone.

How to rationally arrange a pedicure store?


The pedicure shop layout:

1. Closed storefront: The side of the pedicure store facing the street is covered with display windows or glass, and the door is as small as possible. General high-end pedicure shops use this approach to create a rich, chic, sophisticated, luxurious, and distinctive feeling. Its customers are mostly wealthier consumers.

2, open storefront: that is, the pedicure shop is open to the side of the street, there is no window partition, customers can enter without any obstacles. This form is generally not available in pedicure stores.

3, semi-open storefront: the door opening is moderate, the glass is bright, sometimes the window is tilted, the customer can directly see the inside of the store from the street, has an inductive effect, suitable for some small and medium pedicure stores.


Foot treatment store layout planning and design:

1. Symmetrical balance: Reasonable placement is to combine some decorative ornaments to make it a part of the visual focus. Symmetrical balance is very important. When there is large furniture next to it, the order of arrangement should be displayed from high to low to avoid visual discomfort. Or keep the center of gravity of the two ornaments consistent. For example, two lamps of the same style are juxtaposed, and two pillows of the same color pattern are arranged side by side. This not only creates a harmonious rhythm, but also gives people a warm and warm feeling.

2, combined with hard-wear style: layout decorative jewelry to combine the overall style of the project, first find out the general style and color, according to this unified tone to layout is not easy to make mistakes. For example, the Thai-style pedicure shop design, with ethnic characteristics of the jewelry is very suitable for the personality of the entire space; if it is the Chinese style of the new Chinese style, it is based on Tang Yunfeng's jewelry.

3, do not blindly buy: Many investors, when buying pedicure shop decorations, see the like to buy, so that the jewelry style is different. When I went back to the layout, I found that it was not very suitable. Or it is difficult to choose. I often want to show everything. However, if you put too much, you will lose your characteristics. At this time, you can classify the jewelry you bought back, and put together the same attributes, so you don't have to rush all. After sorting, you can change the layout according to the season or festival.

4, starting from small jewelry: ornaments, pillows, tablecloths, small ornaments and other small and medium-sized jewelry is the easiest to get started with the single item, the beginners can start from these first, then slowly spread to large furniture furnishings. Small ornaments tend to be the focus of the vision, and more reflect the characteristics of the pedicure store.

5, cloth is the focus: every season has a different color, pattern of fabric, whether it is colorful prints, or gorgeous silk, romantic lace, just need to change the fabric of different styles, you can transform different The decorative style is more economical and easier to change than changing furniture. The color of the decorative fabric should be unified to make the mix more harmonious and enhance the overall sense of space. Hard and hard lines and cool tones can be softened with fabric. In the spring, choose fresh flower patterns, spring is full; in summer, choose fresh fruit or flowers and patterns; in autumn and winter, you can change the fluffy pillows to warm the winter.

6, flowers and green plants bring anger: to bring home the atmosphere of nature, put some flowers and plants in the pedicure shop is a simple way, especially the season layout, flowers are more important, different seasons will be different The flowers can create a space of distinct seasons.

The above is how the rational layout of the pedicure shop brought to you by Xiaobian? The whole content of the pedicure store layout planning and design, I believe that everyone after reading this article has a basic understanding of the pedicure store layout, if you want to know more about decorative advice, please click to enter the decorative knowledge channel.

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