Central South Diamond: Working with the Spring to Innovate the Road at the Footsteps

Abstract Zhongbing Red Arrow Zhongnan Diamond Party Secretary Niu Jianwei warms up the spring breeze and awakens nature's vitality. Can you look forward to the next spring of hope again? The answer lies in the road of innovation. The Tang Dynasty poet He Zhizhang wrote: "I don't know who the fine leaves are cut out, the spring breeze looks like scissors", this...

Zhongbing Red Arrow Zhongnan Diamond Party Secretary Niu Jianwei
The warm spring breeze awakens the vitality of nature, can you look forward to the next spring of hope again, and the answer lies in the road of innovation. The Tang Dynasty poet He Zhizhang wrote: "I don't know who the fine leaves are cut out, and the spring breeze in February is like scissors." This February spring is the way we pursue innovation.

Chunhua Qiu Shi, early cultivation, fine product reading, the chairman of the group, Yin Jiaxu, "In the spring, innovation is at the time" article, the article's "innovative" thinking, innovative ideas, innovative ideas and innovative measures, such as the spring breeze, lead the way on the road to innovation The people of Central and South China once again praised the innovative sails. In this spring of infinite vitality, the revolutionary dynasty, the source of all innovations, and the call for innovation to embrace the spring of weapons, we must let the seeds of innovation spread to every corner. Over the years, Zhongnan Diamond Company has intensified scientific and technological innovation and technological progress, and has achieved a year-on-year decline in production costs, a significant increase in automation, and achieved good results in energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental management. These achievements stem from our continued efforts to increase technological innovation. Faced with the increasingly fierce competition in the super-hard materials industry, we must strengthen technological innovation, firmly occupy the leading position in the industry on the basis of the influence and status of the existing market, and constantly make the enterprise stronger and better.

The road to building a new foundation for innovation and driving development is inseparable from the innovation of institutional mechanisms. The design of scientific system and mechanism can build a good environment for innovation and provide guarantee for enterprises to stimulate innovation. The Central South Diamond Party Committee actively provides mechanism guarantee for innovation-driven development, mainly through the top-level design, using institutional innovation, policy innovation and work innovation at the company level to promote technological innovation and business model innovation, thereby creating the best, the best, the best. The institutional environment it uses to achieve management change and value drive, encourage innovative behavior, and form a situation of innovation for all and innovation for all.
Zhongnan Diamonds conscientiously implemented the "Guidelines for Science and Technology Innovation Reform Guide 20" of the Weapons Group and the Chairman of Yin Jiaxu and Chairman Chen Jianhua of Henan West Group on the strategic thinking of reform and innovation, and put forward a series of specific plans around technological innovation, management innovation, institutional innovation and cultural innovation. Measures to scientifically and clearly plan and deploy scientific and technological innovation and technological progress, product structure adjustment, technological innovation system and capacity building, enhance endogenous power, strengthen technology accumulation, and accelerate transformation and upgrading, and remove the impact on technological innovation. Institutional obstacles provide effective guarantee for innovation-driven development, strive to make all innovation vitality competing, firmly grasp the initiative of development, and fully implement the innovation-driven development strategy. The first is to improve the research funding support system. We will increase investment in research funding every year, increase support for technological innovation and key technologies, and leverage the leverage of scientific research funds. The second is to promote innovation in enterprise management systems. First of all, innovative talents cultivate a growth system, establish a good talent incentive mechanism, and create an environment conducive to talent competition. Establish and improve the technical reserve system to improve the company's ability to continuously innovate and its core competitiveness. Intensify the assessment of the responsibility of the weapons group and the Henan-level group-level technology leaders and skill leaders, and do a good job of supplementing the three levels of the company-level science and technology, skill leaders and management backbones, and accelerate the establishment of a sound system of gathering talents. Vigorously implement the strategy of strengthening the enterprise through talents. Secondly, the innovative enterprise distribution system, the distribution of benefits to the scientific and technological innovation personnel. Strengthen the incentives of technical personnel, implement the responsibility system for stimulating talents, improve the system of responsible persons for scientific research projects, improve the assessment and incentive mechanism for accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and explore and improve the salary models such as “base salary + project allowance” and “base salary + profit commission”. Maximize the enthusiasm of science and technology personnel for entrepreneurship and innovation. Emphasizing respect for knowledge, respecting talents, encouraging innovation, and tolerating failures, making scientific and technological innovation and technological breakthroughs become a spiritual pursuit of scientific research personnel, providing a broad platform and space for researchers to fully develop their capabilities and talents, and to carry out extensive scientific and technological innovation. Management progress, promote the company's quality, efficiency, and sustainable development, and build a fertile ground for a good cultural atmosphere in the company to create "everyone participates in innovation, all-round innovation."

Development by bit by bit At present, the supply of diamonds in the traditional market exceeds demand, and the development of new product markets has a long way to go. In order to seek long-term development, we must do everything in a down-to-earth manner, and we must achieve more and more. Innovation requires the craftsman's research spirit, careful, fine, and practical. Overcome the mentality of quick success and instant benefit, adhere to the front line of innovation, and do small things to do deep. We must not only innovate, but also turn innovation into results and turn inspiration into technology. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of scientific research teams and improve the technical capabilities and knowledge reserves of scientific researchers.
Over the years, the company has focused on innovation and has achieved some major scientific and technological achievements. However, for the cruel market competition under the new normal, a single new product is no longer a “savior”, and the strategy of “increasing varieties, improving quality, and creating brands” can maintain long-term sustainable development of the company. Through continuous technological innovation and technological advancement, we will promote product structure adjustment, and continue to promote the company's innovation capacity building. Through technology, management, systems, culture, and development model innovation, the company will be “outstanding” from superhard material single crystals. Super cluster, large-scale, high-value, high value-added products such as diamond large single crystal, CBN single crystal, composite superhard material, CVD diamond, decorative diamond, large-scale polycrystalline diamond, lithium battery graphite anode material The transformation of the hard material industry chain competition development model. At the same time, it is necessary to speed up the construction of diamond application performance research platform, strengthen the research of diamond application performance, and strive to provide customers with personalized solutions.

Innovation creates a new future and innovation drive is not only an inevitable choice for the company to firmly grasp the initiative of development, but also an inevitable choice for achieving quality, efficiency and sustainable development. Zhongnan Diamonds should closely focus on the requirements of “founding the future development, breaking through the core key points, and filling the short-board weaknesses”, aiming at the company's core product development areas, improving and perfecting the innovation system, strengthening external cooperation, enhancing endogenous power and strengthening technology accumulation. Give full play to the advantages of state-level enterprise technology centers, continuously improve the construction of innovation systems, further improve scientific research methods and scientific research conditions, accelerate the capacity building of scientific research and development software and hardware, and systematically promote technological innovation and drive projects.
Innovation is to use the ideal hoe to intensively cultivate the fertile soil of reality, to spread the seeds of hope, and to harvest fruitful results. If you want to innovate, you can't rest on your own, you can't hesitate, you must try boldly, and you must refine and sublimate. At the time of innovation, I picked up my sleeves and moved forward. Let us use this innovative axe to break the bondage of winter and meet a better tomorrow.

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