Automatic monitoring of business development

Automatic monitoring of business development Recently, Heilongjiang Qiqihar's mobile innovation automatic monitoring technology solved business problems and achieved results.

With the continuous expansion of the scale of the network and the increasing number of customers, frequent movements of people on holiday or important holiday cities often cause a sharp increase in signaling and traffic load of the telecom operators, and network channel congestion occurs. In the past, the manual monitoring mode was time-consuming and laborious, and it was unable to form an effective monitoring of the peak load, which caused great difficulties for network maintenance.

In order to completely solve this problem, Heilongjiang Mobile Qiqihar Branch actively organized technical personnel to analyze and study, and finally achieved a breakthrough. The overall software architecture was established. The organization collected BSC raw data and analyzed the load trend over a continuous period, which was achieved through the setting of the IP address. With the effective connection of switch A port data, the program will automatically start the timer, the data in the switch is continuously collected in steps of 1 minute, and the collected data is stored in the database, and then the collected raw data Perform processing and output the required data to the display interface. This technology allows network monitoring personnel to monitor all BSC traffic and signaling loads in real time and display them with graphical visual effects, which greatly improves network monitoring capabilities.

A-port signaling and traffic load real-time monitoring system has changed the original manual monitoring mode. It only needs 1 minute to refresh the data once, and the working efficiency is increased by nearly 20 times, which greatly saves the manpower and material resources needed for manual monitoring. The cost effectively avoids the shortcomings of long cycle and poor stability in data collection from network management systems in the past, improves the timeliness of data collection, and facilitates network maintenance personnel to take timely measures. The system focuses on the real-time monitoring and management of Signalling A and traffic on port A. Currently, it has been used in the daily network monitoring work of Qiqihar, and has successfully completed the BSC load guarantee task for major holiday traffic peaks several times.

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