What brand of bath towel is good how to pick baby bath towels

Bath towels are our daily necessities. The main function of bath towels is to wipe excess water on the body after bathing, and quickly wipe clean to avoid cold and cold. And the selection of bath towels is also stricter than the towels, and the choice of bath towels should be selected for strong water absorption and good softness. Then, Xiaobian will introduce to you all the brands of bath towels and how to choose baby bath towels.

What brand of bath towel is good

1. Jie Liya

Jieliya bath towel company was founded in 2003, although the history is not long, but the development is indeed very amazing, and before the emergence of Jie Li Ya as the representative brand bath towel brand, there is no domestic consumers recognized by the domestic bath towel brand , Jie Li Ya brand on the comprehensive and systematic construction of the brand of bath towels, has always been the favorite of consumers. Jie Li Ya bath towel feels natural and comfortable. With good hand feeling and good water absorption, your healthy life will let Jie Li Ya bath towels accompany you.

2. Falla

Fariya bath towel is based on the mission of establishing an "ecological care, family care, health achievement, and wealth creation" business. Farea bath towels are also based on green, healthy, environmentally friendly and fashionable product development concepts and brand concepts that create a healthy and elegant life. The smooth, silky feel of Faraiyah's bath towels is soft, close to the skin, and drape is good. Faraiyah bath towels give a zero-pressure comfort. The use of bamboo fiber products in the summer will make the body feel cool and use it in winter and spring to keep it warm and fluffy.

3, gold

The bath towel brand gold was founded in 1968. It is an early developing company. Gold bath towels have been highly praised by consumers since its development. The gold medal products have won many honors. Today's bath towel brand gold is not only sold to Domestically, it has been extended to the United States, Japan, and some European countries. The brand of gold towels has been deeply rooted everywhere.

4, Thousand Bamboo Square

Qianzhufang bath towel brand is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in the research and development, sales, and investment promotion of bamboo fiber bamboo charcoal. Thousands of Bamboo Square bath towels brand and in accordance with the green standards of textiles, iso quality system concentrate on bamboo fiber and bamboo charcoal products in the promotion and operation of the domestic and foreign markets. Thousands of bamboo square health products have strong hygroscopicity, silky smooth feeling, antibacterial, antibacterial, radiation protection function, and are favored by many consumers.

5, Vosges

The Vosges bath towel is also a brand most people are familiar with. This brand company is China's largest home textile company with the largest amount of exports. The Vosges bath towel products have passed international certifications such as quality, environment, safety and health, and are mainly exported to Japan. In the United States, Europe, and other countries, since 1999, the export volume and export value of the Vosges Bath Towel Company have been ranked first in the nation's industry. The Vosges brand bath towel is also a good brand towel recommended by consumers.

How to choose a baby bath towel

1, bamboo fiber baby bath towel

Bamboo fiber bath towels and other material bath towels are not the same place, but also the most special advantage is its antibacterial properties. Because it has a kind of antibacterial material called "Bamboo", its greatest effect is to remove odors and odors caused by the baby's sweating. There is another substance of bamboo - antioxidants. This special material can make bath towels have certain health properties.

2, gauze baby bath towel

As the name suggests, gauze baby bath towel is made of gauze, gauze itself has a strong permeability, but still has a certain degree of water absorption, soft texture, although these two are not pure cotton, but still in line with the baby can not be delicate Delicate skin. And now everyone is getting more and more powerful and there are various designs on the market. The most popular thing now is one side that is woven of gauze, and the other side is designed to be a honeycomb shape, showing the function of gauze.

3, cotton baby bath towel

Cotton bath towels are the choice for most mothers. One of the most important reasons is that the unique features of cotton bath towel are its water absorption and strong moisture absorption. It can quickly absorb the water on the baby's skin and prevent colds. It can also be timely. The insulation, which is incomparable to other materials. But the premise of these advantages is "pure cotton." There are also many manufacturers on the market that are opportunistic. It is said that cotton actually contains many impurities. Such “cotton” bath towels are difficult to use, and may also cause damage to the baby’s skin.

Editor's summary: What brand of bath towels are good and how to pick baby bath towels are introduced here, and I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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