shock! Abandoned plastic can turn into green burning energy

Abandoned plastic can turn into green burning energy, it is incredible! A small piece of equipment, put in an empty mineral water bottle, two plastic bags, and then power on, and soon, there is gas at the upper end of the machine, the lighter ignited a blue flame, "white garbage" realized to "green" The conversion of energy. This is an incredible scene seen by reporters in Fuqing Campus of Fuzhou International Student Pioneer Park. The realization of this environmental protection is Fuzhou Rongsheng Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.
Rongsheng Company is the first foreign student entrepreneurship company to settle in Fuqing Garden. It was founded by New Zealand citizen and doctoral student of Canterbury University. It mainly conducts research on “Plastic Waste Resource Recycling Project”. And this machine that turns white garbage into a treasure is the small continuous cracking equipment newly developed by the Dr. Gaofeng team. It uses the results of the team's five-year research and development - waste plastics conversion fuel thermal cracking technology, successfully converted "white garbage" waste plastic into green new energy such as natural gas, diesel and gasoline.
“The natural gas produced during the thermal cracking process can be collected as a high-temperature fuel for thermal cracking, and the conversion rate of plastic-to-fuel gas is almost 100%. Normal pressure safety reaction, no catalyst, the whole process achieves pollution-free zero emissions. It is cleaner than traditional diesel and has no sulfur dioxide pollution after combustion.” Feng said that this is a zero-pollution, low-energy, high-conversion plastic waste treatment technology. The electricity required to generate 1 ton of fuel gas pyrolysis is about 1000 kWh, the cost is less than 1,000 yuan.
In the eyes of the peak, the word “garbage” needs to be redefined – they are no longer useless, but the treasures of the wrong place. Gao said that the current production equipment is being installed and commissioned, and it is expected to be put into production by the end of the year. The source of raw materials and product sales are being actively negotiated with the help of relevant departments of Fuqing City. Therefore, it is true that waste plastics become green new energy, and waste is no longer useless.

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