TV background wall feng shui taboo decorative display more stress

The TV background wall is particularly important in modern home design, especially in the living room. It is related to the prosperity and decline of the family's wealth, career, and reputation. In fengshui, the higher one is the mountain, and the lower one is water. To make the TV cabinet higher in disguise, it can be seen that the TV background wall not only has the effect of decorating and embellishing the living room, but also contains considerable feng shui connotations. Therefore, there are many feng shui taboos to watch when designing TV backdrops.


Residential door position

The best location for the financial position is the diagonal orientation of the living room entrance. Then, if the house door opens, the financial position is on the top of the diagonal on the right: if the residence door is open to the right, the fiscal position is on the top of the diagonal on the left: if the residence door is open, the financial position is on the right and left diagonals. On the top.

In general, residential doors should open on the left. Because, in feng shui studies, there are four main ways to open a house: open the South Gate (Zhuque Gate), open the left door (Qinglong Gate), open the right door (White Tiger Gate), and open the North Gate (Xuanwu Gate). They are symbolized by the four kinds of spiritual activity: peacock, snake turtle, blue dragon, and white tiger. On the left is the Qinglong position, and Qinglong is on the left. It is Kyrgyzstan. The right side is a white tiger, and the white tiger is in the right position. Opening the North Gate to the Xuanwu Gate is even more unfavorable. It has the name of "Ghost Gate," and it also means "successful defeat." Therefore, if the door opens to the left, the fiscal position is at the top of the right diagonal. Well, the TV background wall cannot be placed on financial position. The main financial position of the household is quiet and stable, while the TV is noisy and noisy.



TV background wall paintings

One of the paintings on the TV background wall is for the sake of beauty, and the Other is to resolve the bad feng shui. In this way, there is the question of what paintings should be hung and what paintings should not be hung. You must be cautious when choosing your choice, as if you have a picture of nine fishes ("Nine" means long-term meaning. "Fish" takes everything and everything is good. Nine cute fish are playing, meaning good luck). There are three sheep in the three sheep map (a idiom) "Samyang Kaitai" and "Sheep" take their tones and become "Yang", and "Thai" is a Buddhist scripture in the Book of Changes. It means "to bring in Geely and bring good luck" or It is a soft landscape painting, such as sunrise, lake light, peony and so on.

In addition, Yan Rong must not be gracious, and the fairy Buddha with its peaceful expression and "Hundred Birds towards the Phoenix", "Frogs playing in the water", "The Monkey King offering Rui", and "Bai Jun Diagram" are all suitable for hanging indoors.

On the contrary, TV backdrops should not be hung with pictures that are too dark or too black (this painting looks heavy, people are depressed, pessimistic, and lacks effort to do things). There are pictures of fierce beasts (like tigers and eagles). , dragons, etc.. If you are inadvertently, you may cause more calamity. If you must hang, you need to pay special attention to the head of the beasts in the painting.) You should not hang more than one of the characters' abstract paintings (will make the emotions of the family Repeatedly, mental imbalances, and susceptibility to nervousness, and waterfalls, the picture of the depressed mood or the large portraits of the deceased loved ones and too many red portraits, otherwise it will affect the health of the family.

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