Home Furnishing up to people to move: home balcony decoration design five small recommendations

There are generally three types of balconies: cantilevered, embedded, and cornered. The balcony is where the occupants receive light, absorb fresh air, exercise, watch, cool, and dry clothes. The principle of decoration of the balcony is applicable, economical, spacious and beautiful.

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First, the home balcony decoration design

All facilities and space arrangements on the balcony should be practical and at the same time pay attention to safety and hygiene. The area of ​​the balcony is generally not large. Between about 3 to 5 square meters, people must not only move but also plant flowers and plants, and sometimes pile up debris. Improper arrangement can cause confusion and congestion. Small balconies should not be arranged too much. Try to save space to meet the main functions. The beauty of the balcony is reflected in the vitality revealed in the contact with nature, which makes people feel the beauty enjoyment that cannot be obtained in the general interior. You can cultivate some potted plants in the balcony, both for viewing and shade. The enclosed balcony can be fitted with aluminum alloy or plastic steel windows along the edge of the balcony and decorated as a place with special functions, such as a warm room for the decoration, specializing in planting flowers and plants, or decoration for the study, bedroom and so on.

Second, family balcony decoration should pay attention to waterproof

There are only two key elements of the balcony hard-mounted: the first is waterproof, the second is waterproof. The first waterproof refers to the waterproof of the balcony window. In the south, the construction techniques of balcony windows are often the key to your family's ability to survive the typhoon season. Waterproof balcony window, the first window to re-quality, better sealing. Do not make mistakes in the outward direction of the waterproof box. If your balcony doesn't have windows at all, or if your balcony window doesn't waterproof well, then it's your second waterproof line.

The second waterproof refers to the waterproof of the balcony floor. The first step to waterproof the balcony floor is to ensure that the floor has a slope. The lower side is a drain outlet. The second is to ensure that the balcony and the living room have at least a 2-3 cm difference in height.

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