The kitchen decoration also has the option of saving money but not choosing expensive ones.

The whole cabinet plus stoves, range hoods and other kitchen appliances, a kitchen of several square meters, the general cost is about 1 million, can be described as a lot of spending. For the working class, how should the kitchen decoration save money?

According to the actual needs of cabinets

Countertops to cabinets, wall cabinets, cabinet companies generally calculate prices in meters, materials are different, the price of cabinets is also different, generally should be more than 1,000 yuan to a few thousand dollars 1 meter. Cabinet companies generally calculate the price of cabinets, countertops, and floor cabinets according to the proportion of cabinets, countertops, and floor cabinets.

Open cabinets

When working as a whole cabinet, the owner first needs to choose the proper length of cabinet and wall cabinet according to their actual needs. Many families often make cabinets according to the size of the kitchen, resulting in a lot of waste. In fact, some wall cabinets cannot be used at all. Therefore, the owners must first calculate their own kitchen supplies, and the wall cabinets can meet their needs. The same is true of the counters. The length of the election must be based on their own needs. If you do too long, you will waste.

When making cabinets, the top of the cabinet and the ceiling of the kitchen generally have a certain distance. The cabinet company often requires the owner to seal the space by using the upper cover plate. The reason is that it is more beautiful and sanitary. In fact, for the kitchen, more attention is paid to ventilation, and the upper closure seals this distance, which actually affects the ventilation of the kitchen. Therefore, the owner can choose whether to seal the board or not according to his own needs.

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Euro-fece is usually electro Welded Wire Mesh, plastic coated on galvanized core. Colour is green ral 6005 powder coating. Tensile   strength is as below: Line wires:450 550nwt/mm2. Cross wires:600-700nwt/mm2.  Material is low carbon steel wire, PVC coated   wire.It is good at corrosion resistance, anti-aging, nice   appearance, easy and quick installation.

Processing: PVC coated after welding of   steel wire. Electro galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing or PVC coating can be done   separately.
Application:  E
uro fence is used  as fencing, decoration or protection for various facilities in industry,   agriculture, infrastructure, transport, etc.Such as Vinyl Fencing.


Euro Fence

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