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1. National Memory: Nanjing today held a national public ceremonial ceremonial event to temporarily traffic control 2. Military: China and Russia conducted the same exercise on the same day as the United States and South Korea; Pakistani Railway will cooperate with China to engage in the fifth-generation aircraft and pull it to Saudi Arabia to pay for it. Silver: Bitcoin is the "maximum bubble" that ends all bubbles. 4. The Securities and Futures Commission: The IPO review cycle has significantly shortened the IPO barrier lake to effectively alleviate it. 5. Energy: Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei pushes ethanol gasoline, and traditional gasoline will be banned next year. 6. Real estate: The iron company has initially completed the reform of the company system with 300 million square meters of land reserves or will flood into the market; the Beijing-based property market has a down payment installment: some 20% down payment can lock the house. 7. Industry: Qualcomm crisis is intensifying: Apple Android refuses to pay Patent fee profit declines 8. Network: New Year's Day train ticket will be sold online tomorrow. WeChat wallet can be purchased online directly. 9. Culture: The opening area of ​​the Forbidden Palace will be expanded to 80% by the end of next year. The ancient building will be expanded. 10. Judicial: the second child policy The second-born Guangzhou deputy-level cadre was found to be violating the law. 11. Many of the mistakes in life are because we don’t insist, don’t work hard, Retain, and then delude ourselves that everything is fate. As everyone knows that fate is good, they must experience the storm and the darkness; even if it is worse, God will reserve a piece of sunshine for you. As long as you look for it, you will not stand in the shadow forever. Only a few people know that life is a beauty because of imperfections, being a wise man of destiny, missing the sun in the daytime, and looking forward to the stars at night. Note: This newsletter is jointly edited by Yuanfa [China Superhard Materials Network] [China Abrasives Network] [China Coated Abrasives Network]

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