Corn insecticide control measures and points of attention

Insect pests are very common during corn growth and severely affect the normal growth of corn. Corn insecticides can safely and efficiently control a variety of pests, save time and effort, save costs, and attract many farmers to use. The following is a detailed introduction to the measures and points for attention of corn insecticides to control pests. Farmers can refer to them.

Specific measures for controlling insect pests by corn insecticide

1. Sowing period: It is mainly to control the diseases of underground pests and seeds.

1.1 Implement a rotation and avoid continuous cropping. Clean the pastoral and reduce the source of initial infection. Choose a variety with strong resistance.

1.2 Use seed coating or 200-250 g per acre with 25-30 kg of fine soil and 25-30 kg of fine soil. Mix well with ridges, or mix with fine sand with 3% phoxim granules. Articles to control underground pests.

1.3 Mix 50 kg with 50% of rust powder, 1 kg of water and 5 kg of water, or mix with 25% of rusting at 0.3% to control smut and total etch.

2, seedling period: to control corn borer, stem borer, heartworm, zinc deficiency.

2.1 Combine the weeds in the field to remove the weeds in the field, and timely burn the weeds and diseased plants to reduce the source of insects. Strengthen water and fertilizer management to promote early emergence of seedlings.

2.2 Spray with 40% dimethoate or 40% omethoate EC-2000-3000 times to control corn borer and treat gray planthopper.

2.3 Locally occurring plots of Spodoptera litura and Rotaria sinensis, roots were filled with 40% dimethoate 500 times solution or 90% trichlorfon 300 times solution or 50% dichlorvos 400 times solution. 2.2.4 Use 25-30 kg of 0.2%-0.3% zinc sulphate solution per acre to control zinc deficiency in the è¡©?-5 leaf foliar spray to enhance the disease resistance of the plant.

3, heart leaf stage and ear stage: to control corn borer, armyworm, sheath blight, leaf spot disease, and treat bark, corn borer, thrips.

3.1 Strengthen field management, timely weeding and weeding, rational fertilization, and increase application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to improve plant resistance.

3.2 In the big bell period, the corn mites were controlled with chlorpyrifos No. 1 granules or 1% 1605 granules and 0.3% phoxim granules.

3.3 Control the armyworm with 90% trichlorfon 1000 times solution or 50% dichlorvos 2000 times solution, 50% phoxim emulsifiable concentrate 1000-2000 times solution, 40% dimethoate 1500 times solution spray.

3.4 Spraying 70% thiophanate or 50% carbendazim WP 500-800 times to prevent sheath blight and leaf spot, 70% mancozeb WP 400-500 times for disease Spray or spread the stem to prevent sheath blight.

4. Grouting maturity: to prevent the occurrence of bacterial wilt, total erosion and premature aging. Mainly through the selection of strong varieties of stress resistance, to ensure the nutritional area of ​​individual plants, strengthen field management, improve the ventilation and light conditions of the corn group and Other agricultural cultivation measures to prevent.

Note on the use of corn pesticides:

First, the choice of favorable time is the most critical

According to the characteristics of the climate and the law of day and night activities of pests, choose to apply the medicine at a favorable time. The time for applying the pesticide is preferably from 9:00 am to 10:00 am and after 4:00 pm.

Second, the application site should be accurate

According to the hazardous parts of the pests, different medicines and different application methods should be used to deliver the medicines in place.

Third, symptomatic medication

There are many types of pesticides, each of which has its own insecticidal characteristics. In the prevention and control of pests, it is necessary to select effective and harmless pesticides according to the type of pests, developmental stage, living habits, and sensitivity of crops to chemicals. This is the key to rational drug use.

More pesticide knowledge , please pay attention to China Pesticide Network

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