China's metal mold industry booming production and sales into the mainstream

China's hardware mold industry booming production and sales into the mainstream In recent years, the development of the mold industry has become the hardware industry leader. According to Luo Baihui, the Secretary-General of the International Association for Model Management, the Chinese mold industry in 2011, due to the continuous development of machinery, automotive and electronic information industry and other large mold demand, China's mold production to maintain high growth of more than 44%; from the international perspective, on the one hand, China The mid-range mold has strong competitiveness, and the proportion of international manufacturers entering China increases year by year. On the other hand, the transfer of mold consumption from industrialized countries to China will slow down. It is expected that the mold industry in China will continue to operate at a high speed in the low-to-high .

The prosperous market environment and good prospects make many entrepreneurs and investors actively invest in China's mold industry, of which foreign capital and private capital are still the mainstream, investment enthusiasm is generally high, because the cluster industry is easy to collaborate, reduce costs, expand The market, facilitating exchanges and enjoying preferential policy features have led to optimistic view of the market conditions in 2012. Today, there are more than 50 mold and die parks, as well as a clustering industry base with a considerable scale. More than 10 are being established, planned or planned. In addition to the cluster base, some places are still developing mold entity alliances and virtual manufacturing.

With the development of the market economy, the brand effect has become more and more important, and “operating the brand” has become a very important job for mold enterprises. It is reported that there are about 10 well-known molds and brands at the provincial and municipal levels in the country, and ordinary enterprises have already applied for national famous trademarks. With the deepening of quality obligations and the emphasis on environmental protection, in 2011, a large number of mold companies passed the ISO9000 international quality system certification and ISO14000 environmental management certification. At the same time, in 2012, a large number of new and high-tech enterprises have been added to the industry, including the national and provincial and municipal levels, and many companies have established mold and technology centers or R&D centers. Guangdong will become the center of the mold industry in the world. At present, more than 10,000 mold companies have gathered around Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta, and the number of employees exceeds 200,000.

Benefited from the national environment for revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry and strong market demand, the domestic machine tool industry has witnessed rapid technological development and high investment enthusiasm.

The level, variety, and production capacity of CNC machine tools reflect the country's overall technical and economic strength. As the strategic equipment of the national defense industry, CNC machine tools are the most important means of manufacturing all kinds of weapons and equipment and are an important guarantee for the modernization of national defense and military equipment. However, revitalizing the CNC machine tool industry has a certain degree of difficulty for the machine tool industry. According to Luo Baihui, the digital manufacturing technology required for the development of CNC machine tools is the core of advanced manufacturing and is the key to achieving independent innovation. Therefore, for the whole industry, rejuvenating the CNC machine tool industry is both a strategic opportunity and a severe challenge.

At present, the State Council leadership attaches great importance to the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry. The “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” has adopted revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry as the main content to promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure, and CNC machine tools have become one of the focal points for revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry. .

Under this background, during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the following trends will emerge in the R&D and production of CNC machine tools in China:

1. More extensive application of composite processing technology New types of composite processing machine tools such as turning and milling and compounding machine tools, turning and laminating machine tools, gear processing and compound machine tools, lathe milling and 5-axis linkage combined machine tools and other products are emerging; heavy-duty machine tools to increase multi-function Attachment and turntable, etc., the trend of composite processing is obvious; new progress has been made in the compounding of metal cutting and special processing, and laser, electro-machining and cutting and processing composite technologies have been applied to mature products. The promotion and application of composite processing technology will have an important impact on the production process of many varieties and small batches.

2. Speed ​​of application of direct-drive technology is accelerated Due to advances in power electronics and numerical control technology, as well as the maturation of components such as linear motors, torque motors, spindles, and gratings, the application speed of direct-drive technology in numerically-controlled machine tools is accelerating. Many foreign machine tool companies The new product has been driven by a linear motor. The application of direct drive technology will greatly promote the structural changes and performance improvement of CNC machine tools.

3, micro-manufacturing technology emerges micro-manufacturing (Inter-Micro) refers to a high-efficiency, green, high-precision micro-manufacturing new technology for the processing of various miniature parts of the 3D shape. At present, under the auspices of the European Union, research groups composed of universities and research institutes in Germany, Italy, and other relevant countries have achieved relevant results, such as ultra-precision 5-axis linkage of micro-diamonds and cubic boron nitride tool processing technology equipment, etc. . Micro-manufacturing technology has great application potential and should attract the attention of the industry.

Calcium Carbide

Calcium carbide, the main component of calcium carbide, is an inorganic compound, white crystals, industrial products are gray-black blocks, and the cross section is purple or gray. The water immediately reacts violently to generate acetylene and releases heat. Calcium carbide is an important basic chemical raw material and is mainly used to produce acetylene gas. Also used for organic synthesis, oxyacetylene welding and so on.

Calcium Carbide

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