Select materials for winter decoration so that your home will never be deformed

In the winter season decoration, deformation and cracking due to dry weather are the most daunting. In addition to strict requirements for construction, are there other ways to change this situation? Of course, ingenious selection of building materials suitable for winter decoration, your home can not be deformed.

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Apart from paying attention to environmental protection, the floor selected for the winter decoration in the North should pay more attention to its waterproof performance. Because the northern winter is prone to freezing and cracking of the water pipes and the phenomenon of leakage of the heating water, the dry floor is prone to deformation and cracking after splashing water. Nowadays, there are some methods in the market that use wood flooring to treat moisture-proof and waterproof wood materials. This method is applied to the production and processing of substrates, which greatly improves the waterproof performance of floor substrates.

In addition, there is a kind of wood floor that adopts “four-side sealing glaze” technology. After each floor is processed through multiple processes, a protective film like the outer coating of pottery products will be formed on the surface and side to make its waterproof performance greatly exceed the general Laminate flooring. Moreover, the side of the floor joint part is waterproofed, so that the wooden floor can also become a full range of waterproof products. Through professional experiments, the floor made of this technology is not swelled or deformed in water for 24 hours. This effectively avoids the problems of floor damage caused by frozen pipes, heated running water, etc. in the northern winter.

The traditional solid wood flooring laying method uses wood keel method, and the floor is fixed on the keel with screws. After laying the floor in this way, the floor is relatively stable, but it is difficult to construct in winter, and post-maintenance is a big problem. There are many manufacturers now using the track pavement method, the construction speed is greatly accelerated, while a small amount of gaps between the floor to prevent cracking the floor, solid wood flooring can finally easily walk into the winter decoration.

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