Autumn wall decoration "anti-dry" is the focus (wallpaper articles)

Gradually, in October, the atmosphere of autumn is getting stronger and stronger. When autumn is cool, because the temperature and humidity are appropriate, it can avoid the high temperature and humidity in summer and the impact of low temperature in winter on building materials. Therefore, autumn is also an excellent season for decoration. Many people also like to choose home renovations in the fall. Wall treatment, including wallpaper purchase and shop, how to deal with the wall base? Need to pay attention to what problems? Lets come look.

Lejia Wallpaper (National Mall)

Today's home environment is more and more full of theme, a few walls or even just a wall, use the texture and texture of the wallpaper, coupled with the right furniture and accessories, you can create your favorite atmosphere. How should you choose a good wallpaper?

Wallpaper can normally be used for 10 years

Easy to use, durable, cleanable, easy to replace. Normal use for 10 years is no problem. Minor stains can be wiped off with a damp rag. Serious fumes, color, food residue, pen graffiti, etc. can be wiped off with a rag or toothbrush.

The best choice for natural fiber wallpaper or full-paper wallpaper

There are many factors that need to be considered when selecting a wallpaper. It can be selected according to the style of decoration, or it can be comprehensively considered according to material characteristics, room size, function, or orientation, etc. However, when using it, it is necessary to pay attention to coordination, especially in color. The selection and matching of patterns need to follow certain principles.

1. Whether you choose wallpaper or wall covering, you should consider three main aspects: fire prevention, color, and ease of cleaning.

2. The wall is the largest space for the use of decorative materials in the living room. Therefore, the color scheme and pattern of the wallpaper are the main directions for selection. The blend of colors can convey the overall beauty, and the bright contrast can make the space lively and changeable.

3. It is a good consideration when selecting wallpapers. The easy-cleaning properties of the wallpaper include dust and water repellency. For example, whether the surface of the wallpaper can be directly wiped with a wet rag is a concern to the user.

4. Choose a wallpaper, be sure to see whether it meets the standards of "limited content of harmful substances in indoor decoration materials wallpaper". It is best to choose natural fiber wallpaper or full-paper wallpaper; also consider the environmental performance of wallpaper adhesive, choose a guarantee of credibility The brand-name adhesives, preferably water-based; before the wallpaper is applied, the paint must also comply with environmental standards.

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