2013 China's good lock core selection activity voted over and smoothly entered the comprehensive assessment stage

With the theme of “Responsibility, Brand, and Influence” and “2013 China Good Lock Core Selection Campaign” with the purpose of “Promoting Industry Development”, after a fierce voting contest, the brand exhibition voting at 24:00 on October 31 has come to an end. The top 20 list is freshly baked. It will also conduct comprehensive evaluation in combination with market research and spot checks, product technical standards and quality, brand promotion and publicity, corporate social responsibility, and online voting rankings. The finalists (declaration) will enter the final 10 re-election stage.
According to reports, the three-month brand display and voting since the official launch of the event, until 24 o'clock on October 31, the list of the top 20 has finally been released, the finalists will enter the expert review stage. At present, the participation in the brand display voting has ended. It will also be combined with market research and spot checks, product technical standards and quality, brand promotion and publicity, corporate social responsibility, online voting rankings, etc., and finally the finalist (declaration) will enter the final stage. Top 10 re-election stage.
Compared with the first round of voting, the fight is even more intense, and the results of the selection are also happy. From the beginning of the top ten selection to the present, it has been nearly three months since the beginning of the ten-year selection. Many companies participating in the three-month period have spent time with the locks, many people in the locksmith industry, and everyone who cares about them. Up to now, unconsciously, many companies have been missing. This is a brand selection, which is bound to be accompanied by cruelty and test. The final result is not born at the moment, and the top 20 enterprises can not relax at a moment.
In 2013, China's good lock core selection campaign was based on the theme of “changing the future of the industry with influence – vigorously promoting the brand strategy and rapidly improving the core competitiveness of the company” and following the principle of “fairness, justice and openness”, aiming to vigorously promote the brand strategy and quickly Enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, enable enterprises to have a wide range of influence, enhance their visibility, quickly change the pattern of enterprises in the industry, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness and brand image of China's lock core enterprises.
As the largest brand selection activity in the industry, the 2013 China Good Lock Core Selection Campaign has been regarded as the “Oscar” of the industry by the industry. It has accumulated rich professional experience and mass foundation, built an industry communication platform, and has an influence and outstanding industry. Enterprises and individuals with contributions, exemplary roles, and good reputations will also promote and enhance the overall industry development and brand promotion.
The voting phase has ended, and the next activity will enter the comprehensive review stage. During this period, Hyundai Locks.com communicated with experts that the top ten judging reviews have already been put on their work schedules. They are also looking forward to the results of the top 20 . It’s a good movie to be applauded and a good one. Experts and buyers agree that many people support it is a good enterprise. It is the enterprise that Hyundai Lock Industry wants to select. Enhancing our own strength and expanding the influence of the company is the only way for the success of modern enterprises. The modern lock industry network is helping the lock core industry, eager to achieve the goal of promoting the development of the industry with its own strength. Let us work together for the modern lock industry. With one's own strength, the activities of the top ten selections to promote the development of the industry will be better and better.
It is reported that the 2013 China Quality Locking Top Ten Brand Awarding Ceremony will be held on November 25th at the Effort Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai. Experts, enterprises and media representatives from the industry will attend the event and witness the annual event of the Chinese lock industry.

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