What kind of cabinet can't be bought?

A variety of novel cabinets in the cabinet market make consumers dizzy, but many people buy cabinets are not satisfactory, some cabinets look good, but the materials are full of harmful substances, and some cabinets are very good when bought. But if you buy it back for a long time, it will be scattered. How should we buy cabinets? What kind of cabinets can't be bought? The following three kinds of cabinets are best not to buy.

The first one is that the price is relatively low and the price is particularly easy. Don't buy it.

Don't say anything else, the price is so easy, think about it for sure. Some cabinets are especially cheap. Sometimes the price can even cost thousands of dollars. In fact, most of these cabinets use a lot of low quality. Materials are often made out of gold and jade, and consumers should be careful about this seemingly cheap.

The second is not to buy cabinets with a strong pungent smell.

Some cabinets opened the drawers when they were bought, and the smell of the doors opened up to make people cry. This situation indicates that the formaldehyde content of this cabinet is seriously exceeded. Such cabinets are very harmful to the body and are generally not recommended for purchase. If you buy such a cabinet because of the conditions, it is best to use it for a while.

The third thing to note is that the cabinet made of wood-based panels should not be bought without all the edges.

All the cabinet parts made of wood-based panels have strict restrictions on the edge sealing treatment. In particular, the particleboard for cabinets should require all edge sealing, which can limit the release of harmful substances in the artificial board. However, many manufacturers have saved materials in order to save materials. Only partial sealing, such cabinets are best not to buy.

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