What is the working principle of sewage valve?

Valve sleeve drain valve works: â‘  valve is open (blowdown process) a. Turn the hand wheel stem counterclockwise valve lever moves up gradually, the sealing surface to be disengaged, the spool valve seat gradually move out of the seat hole , The formation of a narrow gap, the media through the valve seat symmetrical orifice into the seat inside, a small amount of medium out through the slit, and gradually reduce the system pressure. b. Continue turning the handwheel counterclockwise to move the valve spool upwards. The orifice on the guide seat moves out of the valve seat cavity. More media is discharged smoothly through the guide seat and the valve sleeve. c. Continue turning the handwheel counterclockwise to move the spool upward to the fully open position. At this point, the media pressure is greatly reduced and large quantities of foreign matter can be drained directly from the orifice of the valve sleeve and swirled in the inverted seal seat Clean the sealing surface to prevent impurities from adhering to the sealing surface. â‘¡ valve closing process: a. Turn the valve clockwise, the valve stem driven spool down, this time the sewage has ended, the system pressure is low, the orifice area on the valve sleeve is gradually reduced, the guide sleeve near the valve seat, and Change the flow of medium, the medium through the throttle to a certain speed through the valve core and valve sealing surface, and gradually strengthen the sealing surface of the cleaning efforts. b. continue to turn the handwheel, the valve plug seat into the valve seat into the hole to form a narrow gap throttling, due to close to the end of the sewage, the media has less impurities, the guide sleeve and valve seat to prevent the narrow gap between Of the tiny impurities flow into the sealing surface, the medium flows out quickly through the slit, thoroughly clean the sealing surface, to ensure that the sealing pair contacts zero leakage. c. Continue turning the handwheel until the valve plug contacts the seal seat. Achieve sealing.

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