Slow down to stabilize the hardware and high-speed rail to welcome the "deceleration era"

Recently, it was reported that the railway department will appropriately reduce the speed of the new high-speed rail operation in the initial stage, including the Beijing-Tianjin inter-city and Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail lines will all be phased down. The railway department issued many comments after the train crash on July 23, but the corrective measures are undoubtedly the most effective.

After the July 23 accident, the network once called out "China should slow down." Slowing down is not an end but a means. Appropriately lowering the speed is to increase the safety factor for development and lay the foundation for better development in the future. In China, not only should high-speed rails be slowed down, some developments in some areas of the hardware industry should be slowed down.

Due to the increase of labor costs in China, the price advantage of the export of standard tools in middle and low grades will be gradually lost, and the export volume will be reduced accordingly. If the tool companies still produce traditional standard tools, the sales volume will gradually shrink.

Therefore, China's hardware tool industry must change its concepts, vigorously develop the production of high-efficiency cutting tools, use domestically-made high-efficiency cutting tools to replace foreign products, and increase research efforts in cutting tool technology rather than increasing the exploitation of foreign markets, so as to recapture the imported products. This part of the market occupied by the tool.

Sanitary Ware Nowadays, in the sanitary ware market, Chinese domestic brands' taps and Other hardware wares are compared with well-known foreign brands. Domestic products are obviously contending with foreign brands for price competition. The domestic product price is generally in the range of tens to hundreds of yuan. Between Yuan, the price of foreign brands is generally more than 1,000 yuan, and the high-end market is occupied by foreign brands. Moreover, it is sad that international brands are using OEMs in domestic OEMs for processing. They spotlight China's obvious human resource costs and metal material cost advantages, and are actively looking for domestic manufacturers that meet international production requirements for OEM processing. The labor paid by the Chinese people earns only a small amount of processing fees.

Therefore, in order to regain the market, domestic sanitary ware companies should pay more attention to the development of the brand, do not seek more products, do not seek wide, or a single product in technology to make other products incomparable, or make their own Characteristics, to create their own brand.

Lighting accessories Although the market prospects of upstream lighting companies are promising, as a downstream lighting accessories company, they are currently facing an unprecedented development dilemma. The cost pressure caused by the rise of raw materials is considerable. For a few cents of profit, the accessories companies are rushing to sell. In addition to the increase in raw materials prices, it also includes low-price competition, rising labor costs, poor marketing, lack of brand awareness, and technological trends.

Compared with knives and sanitary wares, lighting accessories are much less competitive with foreign brands in the market. Although there is less external **, because the enterprises engaged in this industry are more concentrated, the technical content required is not high. Domestic internal competition is fierce. Therefore, it is still crucial to upgrade itself.

Stopping the development of the market does not mean that the development of the industry must stagnate. A short break is a form of rejuvenation, which is to pave the way for better development.

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