Mitsubishi new ceramic alloy has higher impact resistance and chip resistance

The Mitsubishi Materials Tool will begin on July 7, 2006, and will sell the new ceramic alloy variety “NX3035” for steel turning machining developed and produced by Mitsubishi Materials. A total of 123 types of blades were used as blades for blade replacement. It is characterized by greatly improved impact resistance and chipping resistance, and can be stably processed even in wet cutting, and in the past, ceramic alloys are liable to cause unstable cutting life in such processing.

Ceramic alloys, if used in steel turning, have good surface roughness and gloss, and are now widely used centering on finishing. However, once subjected to a strong thermal cycle and impact cycle during processing, cracks are generated, and once the crack is aggravated, defects are formed, so that there is a disadvantage that the life is unstable.

NX3035 uses a special alloy binder phase with high thermal conductivity and high bonding strength that has never been used in combination with ceramic hard particles containing titanium oxynitride (TiCN) as the main component. Not only is it not easy to cause thermal cracking, but the thermal shock resistance is also greatly improved. Further, by using an alloy structure having a high anti-crack property and having a low particle size which does not lower the thermal conductivity, the toughness and the thermal shock resistance are further improved. It exhibits good resistance to defects under all cutting conditions and improves the stability of the blade.

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